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I have knitting notions made by different companies bought at different times.
The price listed in each box below is the current suggested retail price.
If I have older inventory I will charge you the lower price when I ship the item.


Knitting Notions

pull tapes $1.50
flat $1.00

Measuring Tapes
60"  /  150 cm long


Pom Pom Maker by Prym
makes four sizes of pom poms
instructions for making animals out of pom poms
Rubber needle point guard -for all sizes $1.89  
Rubber needle point guard - 5.5-10mm $2.39  
Stitch marker rings-mixed sizes $2.15  
T-pins $2.00  
Row counter -2 on a card 2-3.5 & 4-6mm $3.88  
Row Counter -2-3.5mm  $1.90  
Row Counter -4-6mm  $1.90  
Metal needle gauge $2.50  
Susan Bates metal needle and crochet hook gauge $3.75  
Yarn bobbins- 2 - ex-large $1.35  
Yarn bobbins- 4 - large  $1.35  
Yarn bobbins- 8 - medium $1.35  
Safety pin style stitch holders 2 of 2" $1.20  
Safety pin style stitch holders - 7.6 cm/3" $1.00  
Safety pin style stitch holder- 10.8cm/4 1/4"  $1.10  
Safety pin style holders -17cm /6 3/4   $1.20  
Wooden cable needles by River John -set of 3  $9.95
These cable needles are the best cable needles I have ever used. The tiny grooves cut into the wood that run around the needles catch the stitches and hold them firmly until you are ready to knit the stitches. No need to hold onto the needle once the stitches are moved to it until you are ready to knit them.
Cable stitch needle straight - 5.5-7.5mm $1.70 c  
Cable stitch needles-Inox 2 on a card -small /large 4.89  
Cable stitch needles-Charmin 2 on a card Sm/Lg $1.35  
Plastic bodkins on card 2 $1.79  
Tapestry needles #18 $1.45  
Tapestry needles #20 $1.45  
Threader -yarn and floss $1.79  
Latch hook $3.00  

top left side 5 1/4 "  $2.00 stainless steel
top right side 4 1/2"  $2.00 stainless steel
folding scissors 3" open  1 3/4" closed   $1.00

Scissors- 6" stainless steel $5.95  
Tatting shuttle-plastic with pin- $4.45  
Tatting shuttle-metal with removal bobbin- $5.49  
Inox spool of white elastic for knitting $4.59  

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