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Classy cables pullover



soft wool yarn
 Traditional Aran colour, soft wool yarn.
The yarn is an un-spun yarn with a very fine
strand of yarn wrapped around the wool .
When this yarn is washed it fulls (opens)
creating an even softer fuller yarn.
You want to leave some room for the yarn
to expand so don't knit it tightly. If you are a
tight knitter go up a size in needles. 


Classy cables

Great casual sweater to wear indoors or out.
This will end up being that sweater you put
on to go for a walk, go shopping or for those
times you get to put your feet up. It is a cosy
warm, comfortable pullover to wear anywhere.
You will be amazed at the number of
positive comments you will get from people
 who see you in this sweater. They will be
impressed with your knitting skills and you
won't have to tell them how easy it
actually was to make.
The pattern may look
complicated but it is not,   it involves cable 6
and cable 8 and  some knit in the front and some
knit in the back.  Once the pattern is set up it will be
easy to  follow as it just repeats itself.


Price:  $69.95
Finished chest size: 40", 44", 47", 52"
Finished length: 25", 26",27", 28"


Recommended Needle Sizes:
3.75mm, 5mm
10% discount on needles if
bought at the same time
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