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Patterns : Jean Greenhowe
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I will not be re-ordering these booklets when these are gone as the distributor who has been bringing them in from Scotland will not be doing so in the future.


Description:-When you want to send a greeting send a doll.
A colourful collection of eighteen easy-knit characters
designed to appeal to children and adults alike.
There is a doll to suit almost any occasion, birthday dolls,
Valentine girl, a Bride and Groom, new-born baby,
a good luck Chimney Sweep, a Christmas tree Fairy,
a Hallowe'en Witch, a Get-Well-Soon Nurse,
a tooth Pixie and many more.

Name: Little Gift Dolls
Weight of yarn: DK/Sports
Needle Size: 3.25mm (US3) & 3.75mm (US5)
Finished height- 7"

Price: $9.95     2copies left

This book has little snippet of life in a small Scottish Village. We meet the lovely Lady Letitia with her faithful dog Rascal and Mrs Mopitup the local cleaning lady, then for the knitter who has always dreamed of having a yarn shop ther is Winnifred's Wool shop in all it detail, a counter, small samples, balls of yarn. We also meet Daphne Dabble the local artist with her easel and palette.and the waitress at  Miss Muffin's Tea Shoppe and plates, tea pot, sponge cake, chocolate cake, cream horn, and jam tart


Name: Little Dumpling Dolls-Part One - The Village Ladies
Weight of yarn: DK/Sports
Needle Size: 4mm (US6)
Finished height- small projects

Price: $9.95             1 copy left


This colourful collection of knitted characters
includes Scotty, keeper of the wild haggis and his wife
Morag, expert knitter of the MacScarecrow tartan. They
have two children-Wee Sprout and Baby Bonnie and little
dog called Scamp. The oldest member of the family is
Great Uncle Angus, bagpipe-playing Laird  and last
but not least Big Bobby- the lovable green monster.

Name: MacScarecrow Clan
The Scottish Scarecrow family

Weight of yarn: DK/Sports
Needle Size: 3.25mm (US3) & 3.75mm (US5)
Finished height-
adults 13"
Price: $9.95            1 copy left

There are seven dolls covering three generations- Grandpa
Septimus and Grandma Selina, then Sam and Sally and their
children Sonny and Susie (the twins) and the youngest
member of the family, Baby Sunshine. Each doll comes with
a lot of interesting details and little creatures from nature
including ,  a worm, bee, mouse, caterpillar, snail, bird, ladybug
Baby Sunshine even has a small bird's nest pushchair and
some knitted leaves for a cover.

Name: Scarecrow Family
Weight of yarn: DK/Sports
Needle Size: 3.25mm (US3) & 3.75mm (US5)
Finished height- 12" adults

Price: $9.95     2 copies left



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