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Title: Guide to Knitting Techniques
soft cover, 125 pages
Price: $17.95  Clearance $15.00
GREAT BOOK FOR KNITTING MACHINE BASICS- For the new machine knitter or if you picked up a used machine and don't have access to lessons this book is a great overall book that covers basic instructions for the main bed and the ribber. It includes casting on and off, decrease and increase, partial knitting, hemming, joining, buttonholes, waste knitting, pockets, trimming, grafting, etc.  Good reference book for the machine knitter who doesn't knit every day and needs a gentle prod to remember how to do something. 

Title: Harmony Class- Knitting Children's Sweaters
Soft Cover-small,    48 pages
regular $6.95 -sale $1.95 
A classic style  with a choice of 12 pattern variations

Title: The Harmony Guides - Volume 2 - 450 Knitting Stitches out of print  1 copy left
Soft cover,  96 pages
Knit and purl patterns, patterns for texture and colour, all-over lace patterns, lace panel stitches, rib pattern, cables, edging patterns

Title:  Harmony -Knitting Stylish Stitches out of print- 10 copies left
Soft cover,  80 pages
special $9.95  Clearance $5.00
Older version- Shaping, types of knitting, garment style and features, making up, abbreviations,
Woman's Waistcoat- lace patterns, lace panels
His and Her Guernsey Sweater- knit and purl textures, knit and purl patterns, knit and purl panels
Cabled Dress- rib patterns, cable panels, cable patterns
Man's Cardigan- intarsia motifs
Fair Isle Top- fair isle patterns
Child's Sailor Cardigan- rich textures, raised stitches
  Title: Hip Knits
65 Easy projects from hot designers
Soft cover,  192 pages
Author: Better Homes and Gardens
Price 29.95   Special $19.95    Clearance $15.00                   
This book includes an awesome variety of knit and crochet projects, all created with ease in mind. Today's hottest designers inspire you with:
Dozens of super-cool, easy-to-make projects-including adorable baby sets, showy sweaters and vests, handy totes, toasty mitten, hats, and scarves. Knitting and crochet basics to help along the way

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