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Title: Animal Knits
by Zoe Mellor
Softcover & hardcover, 96 pages
SRP  $24.95

26 fun handknits for children and toddlers.  From tigers to spotty dogs, butterflies to birds --a range of bright funky designs for sweaters and accessories. Packed with great knitting ideas by well known designer of for toddlers and small children.


clearance price $12.50 

 I have one hard cover copy and one soft cover

Title: Beatrix Potter Knitting Book
by Pat Menchini
Hardcover, 128 pages
SRP  $25.00

More than 50 delightful handknits for all the family. The appeal of Beatrix Potter's wonderful animal characters is still as great as it was 113 years ago when they were created (1902). The patterns which are all based on Beatrix Potter's own watercolours, include a beautiful christening robe, pram suits, cosy outfits for toddlers, practical and pretty sweaters for active children, elegant fashion garments for women and chunky knits for men. Charts, diagrams, details for the patterns give the inexperience knitter clear directions and the experience knitter has plenty of challenges in the intricacy of some of the designs.

Clearance price $12.50  Only 1 copy left


Title: Cotton Knits for all Seasons
by Debbie Bliss
Softcover , 128 pages

25 projects for babies, children and adults. Irresistible sweaters, jackets and accessories knitted in cotton and cotton mixes, the ideal year round yarn. Clear photographs, charts and drawings and illustrated techniques section show you all you need to know to make cosy and stylish knits for all ages from newborn to adults.

clearance price $12.50 Only 1 copy left

Title: How to Knit
by Debbie Bliss
Softcover , 160 pages
SRP  $24.95

The definitive knitting course complete with step-by-step techniques, stitch libraries and projects for your home and family. Leading designer Debbie Bliss presents a complete course in knitting; taking you lesson by lesson through the stitches and techniques, from casting on the first stitch to creating an intricate Fair Isle cardigan.
Instruction on more then 50 techniques as well as over a hundred stitches, which help you build skills and an extensive library. Fifteen specially designed projects to practice new skills, ranging from clothing for the family to cushions and a throw for the home.


clearance price $12.50 Only 2 copies left
one of the copies has a faded colour front cover


Title:  Nautical Knits for Kids
Author: Debbie Bliss
Hard cover-80 pages

25 seashore designs for babies and children up to six years old. An ever-popular theme creatively interpreted into knitting patterns suitable for all levels of skill. Detailed charts and making-up instructions for each pattern. Lots of lovely full colour photos.

 Clearance price $14.95  Only 2 copies left

Title: New Baby Knits
Author: Debbie Bliss
Softcover, 144 pages

Over thirty easy-knit original patterns for new born to 3 years old that combine style and practicality.  Easy on, easy off baby outfits to fashion conscious jackets, jumpers and cardigans.

Clearance price $13.95 Only 1 copy left


Title: Simply Baby
by Debbie Bliss
Hardcover, 144pages

20 adorable knits. Essential garments to see your baby through the first two years, from blankets and bootees to cardigans and coats. Most projects are suitable for beginner knitters, while others provide a next step on  and introduce techniques such as cabling and colour work.  The book includes "introductory techniques" section showing the basics of how to knit as well as the key methods needed to complete all the projects.

clearance price $9.95 Only 1 copy left


Title: Step-by-step Knitting Workbook
Author: Debbie Bliss
Softcover, 128 pages

All the techniques and guidance you need to knit successfully. Step-by-step illustrations and includes 20 irresistible projects, from simple sweaters and cardigans for children and adults to throws, cushions and other accessories.

Clearance price $16.50 Only 1 copy left

Title: Cabin Fever: Need a Hat - No Sew knitting
Author: Cabin Fever
Soft Cover,   48  pages
SRP -$22.70

Pick a yarn, make a hat. 672 combinations of size, yarn weight and style in one book.

    Sale 14.95  Only 2 copies left


Title: Cabin Fever: Button up your Top Down 
No-Sew Knitting
Author: Cabin Fever
Soft Cover,   112  pages
SRP $30.00

A good basic design book for basic raglan sleeve cardigan patterns. with variations in neck style, length, weight of yarn (Sports/DK or Worsted/Aran), stitch patterns, colour work.

     Sale 19.95   Only 1 copy left


Title: Colourful Knits for You and Your Child
Author: Zoe Mellor
Soft Cover,   80   pages
 SRP $29.95  

Over 25 original knitwear designs for women and children up to ten years old. Creative use of colour in designs to suit knitters of all abilities. This was top designer Zoe Mellor's first collection and it stands the test of time.

  Clearance price $14.95 Only 1 copy left

Title: Country Knits for kids
Author: Stephen & Carol Huber
Soft cover, spiral bound,  110 pages
SRP $14.95

Complete patterns and instructions for 24 casual sweaters inspired by American folk designs. Included are rabbit,  goose, sampler, boats, flamingo, diamonds, flying kite, etc.

  clearance price $9.95  Only 2 copies left

Title: 100 Crochet Projects
Authors: Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss
Hardcover, 256  pages

A great collection of crochet projects from two designers well known in crochet circles. Looking for great gifts? Want to add stylish new garments to your wardrobe? Interested in lending charm to your home with marvellous accessories? Take your pick from 100 beautiful crochet projects..

Clearance price $17.50 Only 1 copy left


Title: Creative Crochet
Author: Leisure Arts
Hardcover, 144 pages

A great collection of crochet projects from tasteful decorator pieces to jazzy wardrobe accessories. Nine patterns for afghans,  items for the living room, dinning room, kitchen, and bedroom including rugs, tablecloth, sheet and pillowcase edgings, pot holders, towel toppers, dishcloths. Many gifts for showers, babies, birthdays. Projects with holiday themes including Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Clearance price $9.95  Only 2 copies left

Title: Decorating Sweaters with Duplicate Stitch
Author: Nola Theiss
Hardcover,  128 pages
SRP: $34.95 for hard cover  SRP: 20.95 for softcover
Even if you have never held a needle other than to sew on a button, you can add delightful designs-from elegant flowers to bold shapes and whimsical pictures-to a plain sweater to turn it into a stunning piece of  wearable art.  Duplicate stitch is an embroidery technique that is the simple duplication of knitted stitches to create a motif or a pattern. Within minutes, following the instruction and diagram you will be ready to get to work on any of the 60 fabulous projects in the book.

Clearance price $13.95 - Let me know which copy you want -1 copy of each

Title: Designer Knits
Author: Ruth Maria Swepson
hardcover  150 pages
SRP: $ 24.95 

Designer Knits presents handmade knitwear for casual days or glamorous nights, for warm or cool weather, and for young or old, men or women. Sweaters, jackets, dresses, cardigans and skirt---something to appeal to everyone. Lots of helpful information on how to design

Clearance price $9.95  Only 1 copy left

Title: Double Knits, Pairs of Patterns for Babies and Toddlers
Author: Zoe Mellor
Softcover, 96 pages
SPECIAL $24.95 

Packed with great knitting ideas for babies and toddlers. You don't have to be knitting for twins to fall in love with this book. Each striking project can be made up in two ways: choose the colourway, style or motif. Pullovers, cardigans, blankets, hats, sundress, duffle coats, jester booties, flat cats, lots to choose from. 

     Clearance price $12.50   only 1 copy left

Title: Easy Knits for Kids
by Family Circle
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP  $38.95

More then 50 of the most popular children's styles from Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine. Includes classic and contemporary designs for both novice and expert knitters and crocheter. Clear and concise instructions accompany each pattern with full colour photographs. A chapter explaining basic techniques and stitch details help get the beginner started. Designers include Norah Gaughan, Melissa Leapman, Mari Lynn Patrick and many more.

Clearance price 14.95   only 1 copy left


Title: Elle Knits
from Elle magazine
Hardcover, 128 pages
SRP: $22.50  

Elle Knits is a stunning collection of 50 hand knits selected from the pages of Elle, the chic French fashion magazine. Featuring unique designs for women, men and children created by many of France's top designers. Includes cozy mohair sweaters for winter, cool cotton for summer, a jacket for the spring, and pullovers, cardigans, coats, jackets, vests, dresses


  Clearance price $9.95  only 1 copy left


Title: Entrelac, The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting
Author: Rosemary Drysdale
Hardcover, 160 pages
SRP: $29.95   SPECIAL $20.00

A section on how to with great pictures, a section on stitch patterns to use in Entrelac including cable,  lace, relief, geometric, colourwork, embroidery, bead work, felting etc and a further section will full patterns, sweaters, scarves, shawls, wristlets, hats, baby sweater and blanket, poncho, vest, tote, blankets, throws.

 This is a book that I make available to participants in my workshop on Entrelac knitting so it is not being cleared but it is available at the reduced price I offer to the participants.


Title: Fairy Time Knits
(pre-owned copy)
by Amy Carroll & Denise Brown
Softcover , 64 pages
SRP:  $19.95

A story book and knitting book in one. 12 favourite fairy tales complete with illustrations. Sweater patterns for ages 2 to 7. Easy to follow chart designs in full colour. Includes, 3 little pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Goldilocks & the three Bears, Cinderella, ,Hanzel and Gretel, Tin Soldier, Jack in the Bean stock, The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, and  Puss 'n Boots

  Clearance price $9.95  Only1 copy left


Books by Kaffe Fassett

Title: Family Album
Author: Kaffe Fassett & Zoe Hunt
Hardcover, 200 pages
SRP: $35.00)  

Kaffe Fassett working with his long time collaborator Zoe Hunt has designed s stunning collection of imaginative tops and bottoms for every member of the family.  Thirty brand new patterns explore the possibilities of circles and dots, squares and plaids, flowers and bows, even brushes and combs with more than eighty variations. The spectacular photography by Steve Lovi makes this a book to add to your collection and it will continue to please for years to come..

  Clearance price $17.50   Only1 copy left





Title: Floral Knits
by Nola Theiss & Chris Ranken
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP:  $24.95

Floral Knits features more then forty sweaters for all seasons, for women, men and children, in both cardigan and pullover styles. Each project is shown in full color with clear, step-by-step instructions plus stitch diagrams and finishing details. You'll learn multi-yarn knitting techniques, plus important tricks and tips. Machine knitting information is also included.
Choose a favourite sweater for yourself and keep the beauty and colour of nature's flower garden with you all year long.

   Clearance price $12.50  Only 1 copy left


Title: FREEformations
by Jenny Dowde
Softcover , 192 pages
SRP  $23.95

For those new to the idea of working outside the rules and making things up as you go, Freeformations will hopefully take some of the mystery of the freeform concept and give you lots of ideas for creating your own unique designs.
With 25 projects, Freeformation will put you well on your way to creating your own masterpieces and enjoying your creative journey


Clearance price $13.95  Only 1 copy left


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